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Hi, I'm Barry, your culinary host.  And I welcome you to Barry's Diner.

You won't find Barry's Diner in the brick-and mortar world.  We exist only in cyberspace.  You can think of Barry's Diner as being next door to you, or down the street, or over in a nearby town.  The truth of the matter is that Barry's Diner can be thought of as existing wherever you please.  Even in your own kitchen and dining room.  That's the beauty and functionality of cyberspace.

Barry's Diner is no ordinary roadside diner.  Barry's Diner offers a menu of fine food dining.  Fine food you would expect to find in the  finest of diners, with a twist toward healthy eating and modest cost. 

Barry's Diner menu is geared toward every day eating for people of all walks of life.  Like students, seniors, heads of households, Moms and Dads, growing families.  The same people you would expect to find at your local diner. 

But the culinary quality of Barry's Diner menu items is outstanding, more like you would expect to find in a gourmet restaurant, but at a home cooked cost.  It's a home cooked cost because YOU are the cook.  That's right, you will select your meals from the Barry's Diner menu and you will prepare them from written and video instructions and recipes provided online to you, free of charge, from Barry's Diner. 

Be prepared to eat like a king on a pauper's budget at Barry's Diner.

You can eat at Barry's Diner as often as you wish.  And with an ever-expanding menu your choices will be more and more varied, beckoning you to return often.

Every entry on Barry's Diner menu is meticulously prepared and tested in Barry's Kitchen before adding it to the menu.  Barry will also gladly accept recipes submitted by diner's or diner's-to-be and select those that are the most applicable for trial preparation in Barry's Kitchen.  If your recipe submission finds it's way onto the menu at Barry's Diner, you will be duly recognized with a link to your own valid culinary website.

So come on in and hang out at Barry's diner.  Share your culinary successes with others, and share in the successus of your fellow diners. 

Here's the menus at Barry's Diner.  Decide what you want from the menu, then review the video and follow the written instructions provided on the web page.


Breakfast Menu   Lunch Menu   Dinner Menu  Side Menu


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